Wrongful Death

In Connecticut the estate of deceased person may recover damages resulting from wrongful death.  This occurs when someone is killed due to the negligence of some other person or entity. When your family member’s death was caused by another party’s negligence or wrongdoing, you may have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit and receive financial compensation for you and your family.

In a wrongful death lawsuit in Connecticut you may be entitled to compensation for the following:

  • Loss of Life’s enjoyment
  • Destruction of the Life
  • Conscious Pain and Suffering sustained by the deceased
  • Compensation for medical and funeral expenses
  • Compensation for  loss of earnings,
  • Compensation for loss of earning capacity
  • Compensation for loss of consortium and companionship

Our Wrongful Death Attorneys represent victims in wrongful death cases against negligent individuals and corporations. We  work to maximize  compensation for the family of the deceased.

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